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Playing it safe isn’t working anymore; you’re not going to get out of this clean. You have illicit tech and the talent to use it. Time to go shake the city and see what falls out. You’ll get hurt, sure, but what kind of pain will you deal out?

Technoir is a roleplaying game. You play protagonists like cyber-tweaked couriers, hard-nosed investigators, and drugged-out hackers making opportunities for themselves in a despairing world. Using a rules-light system with enough intricacies to spark new fires of hardboiled crime novels and cyberpunk science fiction, Technoir lets you coax, hack, fight, prowl, and shoot your way through a dark future. It features Transmissions—city guides brimming with plot nodes to inspire your high-tech adventures—that the GM uses to create tangled and compelling plot webs that expand and evolve as the players’ characters engage it.

Ennies - Judge's Spotlight Award 2012

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Mechnoir - A Player's Guide for TechnoirMECHNOIR PLAYER’S GUIDE

Massive walking machines called “rigs” were engineered to carve into the
red husk of Mars and construct new colonial structures for those who fled
an Earth that didn’t want them anymore. Now war has broken out
between the planet’s three primary factions: the personality cult of the Shiat
al-Raj’a, the Martian Autonomist Union, and the cloned zealots of “The
Chosen.” The working-class riggers, once responsible for building the
colonies, have been called on to be the warrior class that might bring society’s

MECHNOIR is an alternative Player’s Guide for Technoir. It includes nine new shiny training programs, six big stompy mechs (or ‘rigs’), and the two transports that bring them to the battleground. There’s special rules for destroying the tags on your enemies’ rigs and transports and a section for how to deal with scale when hardboiled criminals go up against hard-cased machines.

Bundled with the player’s guide are three new Transmissions that outline the major colonial factions on Mars: The Chosen, the Shiat al-Raj’a, and the Martian Autonomist Union.

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